Animal/Wildlife Medical Clinic

The Animal Medical clinic specializes in complete clinical and health support of animals and wildlife alike. Such as: dogs, cats, snakes, birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats, opossums, skunks. We give special support and recovery to animals like these every single day that are in need of health assistance.

The Animal Medical Clinic has decades of experience caring for many different pets and wildlife in Georgia, Illinois, Utah and Colorado. Our dedicated veterinarians, our knowledgeable and caring front desk staff and our highly skilled and compassionate veterinary care staff seek to offer the highest standard of medical care for your wildlife and pets.

Animal Medical Clinic prides itself in being the best source for your wildlife and pets medical and preventive health needs in many different states. Here we understand the special place that pets and wildlife have in our families. This is why we aim to treat every wildlife animal and pet like it’s our own. We have a staff of friendly and knowledgable poeple dedicated to helping the well being of animals.

Please watch below about being a wildlife veteran to understand the care we take towards wildlife and animals for their health and well being.

To bring your animal, pet, or wildlife to us please contact us today to setup an appointment for a veterinarian to treat your wildlife pet.

Our business hours:

Monday 24/7

Tuesday 24/7

Wednesday 24/7

Thursday 24/7

Friday 24/7

Saturday 6am – 10pm

Sunday 6am – 10pm

We strive to be open 24/7 through out the week for any medical emergencies that may come up for your wildlife animal or pet. If your animal is in need of a medical veterinarian visit us at animal medical clinic to help recover your pet back to health. We offer many different options for your pets. Including well being recovery and in house physical animal training.

Wildlife animal pets are an important part of many families lives in America. Keeping them in healthy condition is where animal medical clinic comes in. Our staff of well qualified top veterinarians are some of the top in the country for their respective fields and have the knowledge and skills to recover your wildlife or animal back to health. With many success stories at animal medical clinic our trained staff live around saving and ensuring animals well being is always number one at our facility.

A little bit about our jobs here at Animal Medical Clinic.

Wildlife vetinarians are specialists who treat many types of wildlife including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Wildlife vets are licensed animal health professionals just like the ones here at animal medical clinic. They are trained to treat various species of animals.

Wildlife vetinarians often work in conjunction with wildlife rehabilitates and wildlife removal services. Wildlife veterinarians must also be able to interact and work effectively with veterinary assistant technicians, wildlife animal officials, and members of the general public. All wildlife veterinarians graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree after completing and graduating from many demanding courses.

If you’re in need of a wildlife veterinarian for your dog, cat, or wildlife pet in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, or Salt Lake City, Utah please contact animal medical clinic today.


Animal Medical Clinic is now working with the nuisance wildlife professionals Sandy Springs Squirrel Removal and control. Squirrel Control and Squirrel Removal is a big need in Sandy Springs, Ga so working with local companies is great. Mass amounts of foliage and greenery in Georgia equals big populations of squirrels and other animals that sometimes get into homes. Be sure to have these animals removed humanely and safely by professionals.


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